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We make sure that your solar solution is expertly designed and caters to your needs.


Speak to an Energy Specialist

An energy specialist will conduct a thorough audit of your current electric consumption, living patterns and perform a comprehensive energy audit of your home.

Find Your Perfect Solution

We design the best solution for your energy needs and let you know how many panels you will need, where they will go and what they will look like.

In addition, we will provide suggestions for any other energy upgrades that might benefit you.

Our amazing Green Energy Financing Partners make it simple to upgrade your home or business with little to no-out-of pocket cost if you qualify.

Schedule Your Installation

Once you approve the option presented by your energy specialist, we do all the rest!

Our expert project management and engineering team will take care of designing the solar system plans to code, and obtain the necessary permits from the city.

Save Money and the Planet

Once the installation is completed and your solar system is turned on, you will start enjoying your solar energy savings every month!

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Why Go Solar?

Increased Property Value

Stop Yearly Utility Increases

Save Money on Electricity

Power Independence

Save the Planet

Proven Track Record

Go Solar Today with ACS and EXPERIENCE all the true benefits of going green!

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The Next Step in Energy Monitoring.

All of our systems come with an application that you can download on your smart phone, tablet or computer allowing you to monitor the production of your solar system 24/7/365.

This allows us to troubleshoot and diagnose your system rapidly and efficiently, giving you complete understanding and oversight as to the performance of your solar system.

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Our Brands

We pride ourselves on making sure that we only provide you with the best solar systems for your home or business so that you can get optimal results from your solar installations.

Solar Panels

Solar Inverters

Making the Change


tax credit through 2022

With tax credits of up to 26 % through 2022, now is the best time to install a solar system with ACS as tax credits nationwide are expected drop to 0% by 2023.


ACS is happy to offer youmultiple financing options in order to ensure you are able to effectively install and establish your solar solutions


Pay a one time up-front fee in cash and own your solar system today! You are the sole owner of your system and are free to do with it as you wish.

Zero Dollar Down Solar Loans

The zero dollar down loan payments on your solar system are typically less than the monthly energy bills, netting you considerable savings.

Solar Leases

For as little as zero dollars down, you can secure long term predictability and peace of mind when you go solar with Sunrun’s monthly service plan.

Solar PPA's

A PPA is a contract to purchase solar power based on a low fixed rate that is typically less than what your local utility company charges.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will My Electric Bill Really Be Zero Dollars?


Yes, it can be! Some solar power systems produce more electricity than is used each month, which can bring net-electricity costs to zero dollars. However, there is still a minimal connection fee (typically about $100 per year) to remain connected to the electrical grid.

Do I Need to Put Any Money Down?


No, you don't! If you qualify, we have a wide variety of financing options available for your solar solution. You are able to custom design your project so it’s the right solar solution for you and your family!

Can I Get Solar Financing With Bad Credit?


Yes, you can!

How Much Will My Solar Electric System Cost?


The cost of your solar investment will vary greatly depending on the size of your system, your location, and available incentives.

Can I Install My Own Solar Panels?


This isn’t highly recommended. The installation process requires both licensed electrical skills and roofing expertise to ensure the solar power system is safe and optimally designed for its 30+ years of operation and performance.

Does My Solar Electric System Require Maintenance?


Yes but very little. With no moving parts and at least a 30-year expected lifespan, solar panels require very little maintenance. In fact, their design ensures that they remain relatively clean as long as they are exposed to rain. In the event you’d like your panels cleaned you can contact us directly for that service.

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