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Since our beginning 37 years ago we have managed to learn the ins and outs of the solar industry and obtain the necessary qualifications and track record to be regarded as a trusted installer in California.
Commercial solar systems can be installed many ways depending on the project. We work with clients, both small and large, who put their trust in us to deliver quality solar systems ideal for their energy needs. Solar systems can come in many forms, including roof mount systems, ground mount systems, carport systems, utility-scale solar farms, and solar thermal systems. We facilitate the process between the renewable energy sector and the commercial and industrial sectors. We remove any and all barriers to entry, while providing resources to the businesses, which empower action towards a cleaner future.

Roof Mount

Understanding the correct roof mount for your commercial roof is critical. Whether your roof is wide open without obstructions, or cluttered with HVAC, walls, pipes, etc., we will work with you toinstall your project. Our system racking keeps your roof watertight; weight is evenly distributed across your roof and is durable, withstanding the test of time. The installation is quick, easy, and flexible positioning for maximum clean energy production.

Ground Mount Systems

Ground-mount systems can be used in different environments. Mostly used on unoccupied land, they can be a great solution if roof mount solar panels are not an option. If you have limiting factors such as shading, available roof space, direction,  a ground mounted solar array can be a terrific option for you. Our solar panels are compatible with most types of land use and various types of terrain. Depending on your energy needs (smaller scale to utility scale) we are able to design effectively the best solution for you and bring your project to completion.

Carport Systems

Carport mounting systems are a popular option for commercial and industrial parking lots. We have different types of elevated structures that can be used for shade or as canopies. The clean modern look of these systems raise the value of companies as well as land/real estate without compromising the space and thereby reducing their energy costs.

Enhance your brand by demonstrating sustainable energy production with your unused lot or elevated aerial space.

Solar Thermal Systems

Solar can be used as a heating system for water by using collectors. We specialize in two major applications: Solar Pool Heating and Solar Water Heating. Commercial solar pool heating is a trusted and well-known way to harness the power of the sun to replace or reduce the need for old pool heating systems. Commercial solar water heating is a reliable and safe way to reduce your hot water energy bill while maintaining your hot water demand for your commercial use. Both thermal systems are cost effective with minimal with operational costs and, low maintenance, reducing your business emissions while utilizing the California sunshine!

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