Energy Storage

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Energy Storage

Commercial energy storage systems can be used in various applications. We have extensive experience in major categories: power outage, electricity supply, peak demand shaving, energy discharge when solar power systems are less productive, and full off-grid systems. All energy storage systems are designed based on the demand of your business.  We use the latest technologies to analyze data from your solar, existing utility tariffs, electrical data usage, and many other variables to maximize energy savings.

Power Outage Electricity Supply

Commercial energy storage properly integrated with solar will prepare your business for the more frequent power outages, as our electrical grid continues to age. This backup system will draw upon stored energy to power your business’s most critical loads during an outage.

Peak Demand Shaving

Depending on your location most utilities charge a higher rate per kilowatt-hour during peak demand hours. Some residential customers may limit their consumption during these hours. Most commercial businesses do not have the same luxury and will remain fully operational during those high rate periods. A solar battery solution can supply power back to the grid during those peak times thus reducing your demand charges, saving your business money.

Energy Storage Discharge

On occasions the solar system may be less productive later in the day or during inclement weather. When the solar system does not feed electricity into the grid, you will need to draw electricity from the grid.

Your energy storage system can be used at those times and can reduce your business’s electricity supply cost.

Full Off-Grid Systems

Full off-grid systems vary depending on their electrical requirements. We have many options that are based on the size of the system and the type of industry.

Massive battery banks are necessary for some businesses to continue their activities with uninterrupted power.

We can supply full off-grid system technology to fulfill your energy needs and apply the necessary configurations to meet demands.

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