Building Efficiency

Comprehensive energy efficiency measures for every building.

Building Energy Audit

ACS provides building energy audits and inspections to understand the energy usage of a building. The goal for every audit is to provide clear recommendations to the building owner based on our analysis. Every building has different inefficiencies based on a variety of factors. We identify these inefficiencies, then provide a custom solution report ranging from basic energy efficiency upgrades to complete building optimization. Building performance recommendations can lead to reduced utility costs, property value increase, additional protection from future liability, reduced repair costs, increased occupants comfort, and energy efficiency incentives.

Building Energy Upgrades

Commercial Roof

Large commercial roofs can become extremely hot and by default the energy usage will tend to increase as the building will constantly adjust its temperature to keep a steady interior temperature. The upgrade from standard roof to a cool roof will help your building’s thermal efficiency by reflecting radiant energy and therefore help reduce cooling costs. The roof is a critical component of the building. We provide a detailed inspection before and after every installation.

HVAC Systems

Commercial Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems (HVAC) have many options depending on the type of energy used, the square footage the type of building and more. We work with all major systems: ground air conditioning, ground furnace, ductless systems, wall units, rooftop units, air filtration systems and boilers. The efficiency of these units play an important role in your whole building dynamic. Old systems will lose efficiency with time and generate some of these issues: costly repairs, uneven building temperature, noise disturbances, constantly running and an increase in your overall utility costs by using more energy.

In many cases they will yield some of the largest draws of energy consumption resulting in higher utility bills. Our team will provide you with the best HVAC system suggestions for your building’s energy management.

Windows & Doors

Windows can be a major source of heat loss in cold weather and unwanted heat gain in hot weather. Upgrading low-efficiency windows to high-efficiency window with the correct energy-performance rating will help offset energy cost. We install all that pertains to glass and doors, whether it’s for office buildings or small to large industrial plants. New windows and doors will improve the look, cooling efficiency, noise reduction, minimize fading of materials exposed to the sun, improve comfort, increase daylight, and weather protection. We will help you pinpoint appropriate products for your needs.


Properly insulating of commercial buildings contributes to positive gain in energy efficiency resulting in lower energy costs for heating and cooling.

The second major component is a comfortable working or living environment. Insulation is the greatest way to improve the energy efficiency of your commercial building. We do most new building or retrofitting insulation types, spray foam, rolled fiberglass, rigid foam, insulation panels and weather stripping for air leaks.

Water Systems

Commercial buildings will have various water systems depending on their commercial setting: water heating, landscaping watering systems, basic daily activities, manufacturing, mechanical systems, business equipment and machines. Conservation is an essential commercial part of optimizing a building. We start by determining the dynamic of the building’s water consumption profile, then custom-built optimization measures for maximum water savings plan. Our team works with all major industry standard applications and new water savings technologies.

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